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Because I found these menus so disorganized that I needed to write them down. Also for handy reference when helping other GTV users.


  • Network
    Manage Internet Connection
    • Ethernet
  • Video input
    Set up TV service provider
  • TV & AVR
    Set the IR Blaster to control the TV & AV Receiver
  • Picture & sound
    Adjust the picture and sound
  • Disc Player settings
    Change general settings
  • Search
    Manage searchable items, clear shortcuts
  • Applications
    Manage applications and development options
  • Input device
    Manage input devices, IP remotes

Data is complete below this point. Incomplete above this point. So the stuff that matters is yet to come.

  • Accounts & sync
    Manage accounts and data sync
    • Background data (checkbox. Default = checked)
      Applications can sync, send, and receive data at any time
    • Auto-sync (checkbox. Default = checked)
      Applications sync data automatically
    • Accounts listed if configured
    • Option to add account
  • Privacy & safety
    Manage privacy, safety and lock settings
    • Reporting (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
      Automatically send Google TV usage statistics and crash reports to Google
    • Factory data reset (I'm not going to see if this is clickable.)
    • Video history (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
      Enable history of video watching such as TV channels
    • Clear video history (depends on previous option checked)
    • SafeSearch
      Block adult content from appearing in search results
      • Strict filtering / Moderate filtering (default) / Do not filter
    • Application lock
      Require PIN to use Google Chrome & Market
      • Lock Google Chrome & Market (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
      • Change PIN (depends on previous option checked)
    • Parental lock (launches prompt for "4 number" password)
      Block unwanted programs or content
    • Back up my data (checkbox. Default = checked if Google account configured)
      Back up application data and other settings to Google servers
    • Backup account (allows addition of account(s))
    • Automatic restore (checkbox. Default = checked if Google account configured)
      If I reinstall an application, restore backed up settings or other data
  • Storage
    Unmount USB storage, view available storage
    • Total (non-clickable. 3.72GB for NSZ-GT1)
    • Available (non-clickable)
    • Enable FTP access (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
    • Media storage devices listed if any are connected
  • Date, time & location
    Set date, time, time zone and formats
    • Automatic (checkbox. Default = checked)
      Use network-privded time
    • Set date (depends on first option unchecked)
    • Select time zone
    • Set time (depends on first option unchecked)
    • Use 24-hour format (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
    • Select date format
    • Set location (zip code)
  • Accessibility
    Manage accessibility options
    • Enable accessibility services (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
    • TalkBack (checkbox. depends on first option checked. Default = unchecked)
    • Download accessibility scripts (checkbox. depends on first option checked. Default = unchecked)
      Allow applications to download accessibility scripts from Google
  • About
    System information
    • System updates (checks for updates)
    • System tutorial (launches tutorial)
    • Model number (non-clickable)
    • Firmware version (non-clickable)
    • Build number (non-clickable)
    • Contact Sony
      Website and phone contact for Sony product support
      • Website support (opens website)
      • United States phone contact (non-clickable)
      • Model name (non-clickable)
      • Serial number (non-clickable)
      • Software version (non-clickable & shows no info)
      • Disc drive version (non-clickable)
      • Sub micro version (non-clickable)
      • RF module version (non-clickable)
    • Open source licenses (opens text window)
    • Google legal (opens legal browser)
    • Sony legal (opens legal browser)