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Because I found these menus so disorganized that I needed to write them down. Also for handy reference when helping other GTV users. These are taken from an NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray Google TV running 3.2 root. Owners of the TV model can note any differences as they see them.


  • Network
    Manage Internet Connection
    • Ethernet
    • Wi-Fi
    • Status
      View detailed network status
      • IP address
      • Ethernet MAC address
      • Wi-Fi MAC address
      • Local network
      • Internet
      • Ethernet (connection status)
      • Wi-Fi (connection status)
      • Private network
    • Home network setup
      Set up home network connections
      • Edit device name (default = Sony Internet TV)
      • Manage paired remote applications
        Remove pair remote application for mobile
  • Video input
    Set up TV service provider
    Lists configured devices. Scans for sources and allows manual addition of devices.
    • Edit channel list
      Select the channels this device receives
    • IR Blaster settings
      • Advanced settings
        • Zero padding (2..6 digits. Default = Minimum)
          Set the channel number digits
        • Key interval (100..1000 by 50s. Default = 250 msec)
          Set the transmission interval for the channel number
        • Send an "Enter" command (checkbox. Default = checked)
          Send an "Enter" command after the channel number
        • Test (launches test)
          Check if the setting is correct
      • Type (non-clickable)
      • Code (allows manual entry of code)
    • HD channels (checkbox. Default = checked)
      Enabled access to HD channels
    • Disconnect device
    • Default TV device
    • Edit channel lineup (launches provider selection)
  • TV & AVR
    Set the IR Blaster to control the TV & AV Receiver
    • TV control setting (opens manufacturer list)
    • AV Receiver setting
      • Control with IR Blaster (checkbox)
        Mark the checkbox to control the AV Receiver with the IR Blaster
      • Manufacturer (manually sets manufacturer)
      • Code (manually sets code)
      • IR Blaster test (launches test)
    • Enable TV control (checkbox)
      Mark the checkbox to control the TV with the IR Blaster
    • TV & volume control settings
      Available when Enable TV control is set to On
      • You can check if the setting is correct
  • Picture & sound
    Adjust the picture and sound
    • 3D settings
      Change the 3D viewing environment
      • 3D output setting
        Choose whether to output in 2D or 3D
        Auto/Off (default = Auto)
      • TV screen size setting for 3D BD
        Set the screen size for 3D Blu-ray movies
        Three-digit selector for screen size in inches. (default = 46)
    • Resolution
      Select preferred TV resolution
      Auto/1080p/1080i/720p (3D will not work unless set to Auto. Default = Auto)
    • Picture size (launches overscan calibration utility from initial setup)
      Maximize your screen area
    • Screen format
      Set the source's aspect ratio when it differs from the TV
      Original/Fixed aspect ratio (default = Original)
    • YCbCr/RGB (HDMI
      Set the color space conversion for the video signal from HDMI
      Auto/YCbCr(4:4:4)/RGB (default = Auto)
    • Noise reduction
      Reduce repetitive random noise
      High/Medium/Low/Off (default = Off)
    • Screen saver
      Set the screen saver
      Off/10 min/30 min/1 h/2 h/3 h
    • Audio (HDMI) (inactive)
    • Audio output priority
      Set the jack type for audio equipment connection
      HDMI/Optical (default = HDMI)
    • BD audio mix setting
      Set whether to mix interactive audio and output
      On/Off (default = On)
    • Dolby Digital (Optical)
      Set the Dolby Digital output signal from DIGITAL OUT
      Off (Downmix PCM)/On (default = On)
    • Dolby Digital pass-through
      Send Dolby Digital signals from HDMI devices to your audio system
      On/Off (default = On)
    • DTS (Optical)
      Set the DTS output signal from DIGITAL OUT
      Off (Downmix PCM)/On (default = On)
    • Audio DRC
      Set the sound effect when playing a BD or DVD
      Auto/Standard/TV mode/Wide range (default = Auto)
    • Downmix
      Apply the surround effect to the output audio signal
      Surround/Stereo (default = Surround)
    • AV sync
      Adjust the timing between picture and sound
      0-120 msec at increments of 10 msec
    • Sound effects (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
      Enable sound effects
    • Notification sounds (Silent/Default. Default = Silent)
    • Text-to-speech
      • Listen to an example
        Play a short demonstration of speech synthesis
      • Always use my settings (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
        Default settings below override application settings
      • Default Engine (only option is Pico TTS)
        Sets the speech synthesis engine to be used for spoken text
      • Install voice data
        Install the voice data required for speech synthesis
      • Speech rate
        Speed at which the text is spoken
        Very slow/Slow/Normal/Fast/Very fast
      • Language (only option is English (United States))
        Sets the language-specific voice for the spoken text
      • Pico TTS
        Pico TTS settings
  • Disc Player settings
    Change general settings
    • Timer
      Set timer to power on or off
      Displays artsy clock. Allows multiple setting timers for on or off (or so it appears) to time, day of week, and duration, as well as sleep timer of 15-120 minutes.
    • Eco
      Change the settings related to power consumption
      • Quick start
        Set the unit to power on quickly
        On/Off. Unit powers on much more quickly but consumes more power while powered off.
      • Auto standby
        The unit automatically turns off after 2 hours of non-operation.
        On/Off (default = Off)
    • HDMI settings
      Change the settings for controlling compatible HDMI devices
      • Control for HDMI
        Control the unit with the HDMI-connected TV
        On/Off (default = On)
      • Unit auto power off
        Power off unit when the HDMI-connected TV is turned off
        On/Off (depends on previous option On. Default = Off)
    • Cinema conversion mode
      Set the conversion method for video or film material
    • BD-ROM 1080/24p output
      Output a 1080/24p video signal from HDMI
    • Auto display
      Display info when switching audio modes or during playback
      On/Off (default = On)
    • BD/DVD viewing settings
      Set the language displayed on BD or DVD menus
      • BD/DVD menu (opens language selector)
        Set the language displayed on BD or DVD menus
      • Audio (opens language selector. Default = Original)
        Set the audio language when playing a BD or DVD
      • Subtitle (opens language selector)
        Set the subtitle language when playing a BD or DVD
    • BD Internet connection
      Allow Internet connection from BD content
      Allow/Do not allow (default = Do not allow)
    • BD data management
      BD data management
      • Erase BD data
        Used capacity listed
  • Search
    Manage searchable items, clear shortcuts
    • Searchable items (opens list of installed applications with checkboxes for each)
      Choose applications to search
    • Clear shortcuts
      Clear shortcuts to recently chosen search suggestions
  • Applications
    Manage applications and development options
    • Manage applications
      Manage and remove installed applications
      View applications by Downloaded, All, or Running. View internal storage amount used/free and RAM amount used/free. View application storage use, access settings, and stop applications and services.
    • Running services
      View and control currently running services
      Same as previous menu option, opening to different default page.
    • Development
      Set options for application development
      • Remote debugging (checkbox. Default = checked)
        Allow connections from debugging tools
      • 'Debugger IP address (needs to be set to IP address of system you are running adb on)
      • Mock locations (checkbox. Default = checked)
        Allow mock locations
  • Input device
    Manage input devices, IP remotes
    • Manage IP remotes
      Connect and disconnect IP remotes
      • Connect to new IP remotes (checkbox. Default = checked)
        Accept new pairing requests
      • Paired IP remotes list if configured
    • Chrome to TV (launches feature setup)
      Push links to this device from Google Chrome
    • Pointer speed (opens selection slider)
      Mouse and trackpad speed
    • Current keyboard
      Configure current keyboard
      • English (US) Keyboard (Android keyboard) / English Voice (Android keyboard) / Remote Keyboard
      • Configure input methods (opens same panel as next option)
    • Configure input methods (opens panel with inactive options)
      Configure input methods
  • Accounts & sync
    Manage accounts and data sync
    • Background data (checkbox. Default = checked)
      Applications can sync, send, and receive data at any time
    • Auto-sync (checkbox. Default = checked)
      Applications sync data automatically
    • Accounts listed if configured
    • Option to add account
  • Privacy & safety
    Manage privacy, safety and lock settings
    • Reporting (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
      Automatically send Google TV usage statistics and crash reports to Google
    • Factory data reset (I'm not going to see if this is clickable.)
    • Video history (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
      Enable history of video watching such as TV channels
    • Clear video history (depends on previous option checked)
    • SafeSearch
      Block adult content from appearing in search results
      • Strict filtering / Moderate filtering (default) / Do not filter
    • Application lock
      Require PIN to use Google Chrome & Market
      • Lock Google Chrome & Market (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
      • Change PIN (depends on previous option checked)
    • Parental lock (launches prompt for "4 number" password)
      Block unwanted programs or content
    • Back up my data (checkbox. Default = checked if Google account configured)
      Back up application data and other settings to Google servers
    • Backup account (allows addition of account(s))
    • Automatic restore (checkbox. Default = checked if Google account configured)
      If I reinstall an application, restore backed up settings or other data
  • Storage
    Unmount USB storage, view available storage
    • Total (non-clickable. 3.72GB for NSZ-GT1)
    • Available (non-clickable)
    • Enable FTP access (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
    • Media storage devices listed if any are connected
  • Date, time & location
    Set date, time, time zone and formats
    • Automatic (checkbox. Default = checked)
      Use network-privded time
    • Set date (depends on first option unchecked)
    • Select time zone
    • Set time (depends on first option unchecked)
    • Use 24-hour format (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
    • Select date format
    • Set location (zip code)
  • Accessibility
    Manage accessibility options
    • Enable accessibility services (checkbox. Default = unchecked)
    • TalkBack (checkbox. depends on first option checked. Default = unchecked)
    • Download accessibility scripts (checkbox. depends on first option checked. Default = unchecked)
      Allow applications to download accessibility scripts from Google
  • About
    System information
    • System updates (checks for updates)
    • System tutorial (launches tutorial)
    • Model number (non-clickable)
    • Firmware version (non-clickable)
    • Build number (non-clickable)
    • Contact Sony
      Website and phone contact for Sony product support
      • Website support (opens website)
      • United States phone contact (non-clickable)
      • Model name (non-clickable)
      • Serial number (non-clickable)
      • Software version (non-clickable & shows no info)
      • Disc drive version (non-clickable)
      • Sub micro version (non-clickable)
      • RF module version (non-clickable)
    • Open source licenses (opens text window)
    • Google legal (opens legal browser)
    • Sony legal (opens legal browser)