Vizio P602UI

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"Although the information we release has been verified and shown to work to the best our knowledge, we cant be held accountable for bricked devices or roots gone wrong."


Vizio P602UI

"Simply Beautiful! Introducing the all-new VIZIO P-Series Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV. With powerful Ultra HD performance and best-in-class picture quality of Full-Array LED backlight, 64 Active LED Zones, and Clear Action 960 for incomparable contrast levels, sharpest details and deepest, purest black levels, the P-Series is your crystal-clear window to an exhilarating world where picture is everything. In addition, P-Series is fully equipped and ready for nearly all Ultra HD entertainment options. With support for HEVC decoding and the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac, P-Series lets you stream Ultra HD from popular apps such as Netflix. Its superior Spatial Scaling Engine accurately and beautifully transforms your favorite 1080p Full HD sports, movies, and TV shows into spectacular Ultra HD. And support for the latest HDMI standards enables Ultra HD playback from next generation cable and satellite receivers, Blu-ray players and game consoles. The VIZIO P-Series: Simply Beautiful."


Buying devices is expensive and, in a lot of cases our testing leads to bricked equipment. If you would like to help support our group, site, and research please use one of the links below to purchase your next device. Purchase the Vizio P602UI at Amazon

Hardware Root

The eMMC chip on this device is located [pictured]

dump emmc

review filesystem

add persistent telnet shell

Software Root

TV has a HTML User Manual, opened via the "hidden" Opera Browser. The User Manual has an update procedure which downloads a tar file, uses gpg for signing.

sigma.exec("wget https://....");

A custom App can open a webpage on the local filesystem


Custom HTML page contains

var sigma = new SigmaBridge();
sigma.exec("/bin/busybox telnetd -l/bin/sh -p1337");

Launch the app, log in via telnet or netcat