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While root access to the Revue was gained by the BreakVue hack, the gtvhacker team is not done. Below are a list of information that we are trying to enhance in our quest for a pure software-only access. As always, check into the irc room (channel #gtvhacker) if you have questions or need assitance.


Catalog as much info about the updates as possible. Information about the specific updates can be provided on the appropriate version-specific pages. These pages and more can be found at GoogleTV_-_Version_Numbers.

  • What are the differences in files from update to update (which are new, which are missing)
  • What changed in the files that were present before.
  • List changed APKS and their use.
  • work on decrypting the sony updates (afaik qualis doesn't have a box)


Better annotate the binaries and information they provide.

  • debug/analysis certain binaries
  • A public analysis of all the binaries in each update could be useful