Sony NSZ-GS7 (Streamer)

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"Although the information we release has been verified and shown to work to the best our knowledge, we cant be held accountable for bricked devices or roots gone wrong."


This page will be dedicated to the hardware specifications, descriptions, and information related to the Sony NSZ-GS7 (Network Streamer).


  • Marvell Armada 1500(88de3100)1 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, with a 750 MHz GPU2
  • 1 GB DDR3 Memory
  • 8 GB Samsung Flash NAND - KLM8G2FEJA-A002

Tear Down

Recovery Mode

Sony nsz-gs7 recovery.jpg
  1. Unplug power from the NSZ-GS7
  2. Press and hold the connect button and plug the unit in.
  3. Continue to hold down the connect button for 5 seconds after plugging the unit in, then release the connect button.
  4. Wait a couple of seconds and the screen will show the recovery menu.
  5. You can use a USB keyboard to navigate through the menu or you can navigate using the connect button (Short press navigates down while a long press selects).

Update History


  • REL01_NSZGS7_U2_1046_663_3110_20120529_URSC - Factory Firmware
  • REL02_NSZGS7_U2_1004_836_3621_20120620_URSC - First OTA Update - Download
  • REL02_NSZGS7_U2_1005_887_3790_20120628_URSC - Second OTA Update - Download
  • REL03_NSZGS7_U2_1104_4384_20120724_URSC - Third OTA Update (Media Player Added) - Download
  • REL04_NSZGS7_U2_1210_5720_20120928_URSC - Fourth OTA Update - Download
  • REL05_NSZGS7_U2_1303_6289_20121024_URSC - Fifth OTA Update - Download
  • REL06_NSZGS7_U2_1403_6928_20121120_URSC - Sixth OTA Update (Change Log) - Download
  • REL10_NSZGS7_U2_2203_133772_20130529_URSC - Tenth OTA Update - Download


  • REL03_NSZGS7_CA2_1104_4384_20120724_URSC - First OTA Update (Equivalent to 3rd US) - Download

United Kingdom:

  • REL03_NSZGS7_CEK_1104_4384_20120724_URSC - First OTA Update (Equivalent to 3rd US) - Download

NSZ-GS7 Root Demo

On July 29th, 2012 the team demonstrated the first root for the NSZ-GS7 at DEFCON 20.

GPL Code

You can find GPL code for the NSZ-GS7 at Sony Global